growing fast to a Korea’s representative global power enterprise

20 Y

  • 12xEV reusable battery measuring equipment
  • 12Digital healthcare mat
  • 10Multi-level interleaved converter type electronic load system
  • 06Waste battery monitoring program
  • 03Establishment of smart factory

19 Y

  • 12Cell balancing for the reuse of waste batteries
  • 10ESS performance measurement monitoring
  • 08The protection current management system based circuit impedance estimation and current balancing technique (Korea Water Resources Corporation: K-water)
  • 07Load bank control system for large PV power generation
  • 05PMCS standard battery pack status monitoring system

18 Y

  • 07Patent application_Battery charging system using battery estimation
  • 06Participated in Green Car Korea
  • 05Signed win-win supporters energy startup agreement with KEPCO
  • 05Assembly household ESS device
  • 04Streetlight solar system for bus stations
  • 04Established the department of research
  • 03Automotive power bank with variable capacity
  • 03Solar monitoring system
  • 03VRFB_IoT
  • 02CPVT, Pest control robot BMS

17 Y

  • 07Participated in the exhibition of International Green Car Promotion
  • 05Acquired the certificate of First Penguin for startups
  • 03Joined Gwangju Defense Venture Center
  • 03Patent application_Automotive DC/DC convertor cooling system
  • 03Selected as SBC Startup School

16 Y

  • 10Registered the factory (advanced national industrial complex)
  • 07Patent application_Remote flow measurement system using the self-powered barcode scan
  • 07Established corporate research institute
  • 07Joined Gwangju After Market Auto Parts Council as a member
  • 05Registered as Venture Business
  • 04Joint patent application_Self-powered barcode scanner measuremetn system of K-water

15 Y

  • 12Relocated the head office (Gwangju Techno Park)
  • 12Joined Auto Cluster as a member (industrial complex factory)
  • 11Selected as Gwangju Priority Promotion Business (flux-sharing type SMPS for high voltage)
  • 04Incorporated (Business Incubation Center of Chonnam National University)