Power Monitoring System

The system remotely monitors an amount of power generated in a power plant.

Application areasApplicable to the monitoring and DB storage of data such as a power amount in a solar power plant
  • Monitoring and control of power generation information, EMS, PCS, and BMS states
  • Tablet PC and app based monitoring
  • Power generation data storage and analysis through an independent server
  • Real-time warning system


The remote power monitoring system has Zigbee and other communication modules.

Transmission power+20dBm E.I.R.P(Max)Rx current45mA @3.3V(Max)
Reception sensitivity level-102dBm @1% BERFeatures
  • Table PC & smartphone GUI version
  • Limited communication configuration
  • Auto application execution and exit at the time of Zigbee attachment and detachment
Transmission distance5Km

Waste Battery Monitoring

The waste battery monitoring software is used to control RS-485Modbus and export experimental data to an Excel file.

  • Usable as big data through Pandas
  • Command value based control for pulse charging, CC-CV charging, and discharging
  • Real-time data accumulation and export of experimental data to an Excel file
  • Modbus-485 RTU based communication between equipment and PC